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Service Dog Training and Classes for Owner-Trainer Teams

Certified Service Dog Coach (SDC)

Private Training for Service Dog Owner-Trainer Teams. Service Dogs are defined in the Americans with Disabilities Act and are dogs that are specifically trained to help people with disabilities. For example, service dogs can be trained to help people who have PTSD, mobility impairments, are deaf or hard of hearing, have diabetes or other conditions. I can help people with disabilities train their own dog to assist them as a service dog. Requirements of the owner: -Have a disability as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act. -Able to commit time to practicing with your dog regularly between appointments. -Willing to wait until we evaluate your dog's suitability and help you train your dog foundation skills before putting service dog identification on your dog and before taking your dog to places pets are not permitted. -Have support from your licensed healthcare provider. Requirements for the Dog: -No history of aggression towards dogs or people. The Process Step 1: We begin with a 60 minute virtual appointment. This is where we will answer your questions, gather information about your dog and your needs, give you important information about service dog training as well as a training plan. FEE $250 Step 2: We conduct a 60 minute evaluation of your dog. This is when we look at how your dog responds to some minor stressors in a new situation to see if it is appropriate to begin service training. FEE $200 Step 3: Training for service work. FEE Package Rates.

Service Dog Training for Owner-Trainer Teams: Services
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